360 Leads Launches CASL Compliance Program
TORONTO, Canada, April 10, 2017 – 360 Leads® ( announced the launch of a CASL program designed to help organizations achieve compliance when sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs) ahead of the July 1, 2017 deadline.

The law states that after July 1st, 2017, organizations are no longer able to send CEMs to individuals on a mailing list unless the recipient has provided consent. Consent, where sending CEMs is concerned can be either implied or express; where implied consent restricts organizations to a specific timeline that must be monitored. Express consent allows organizations to communicate with opt-in records freely (unless they decide to unsubscribe later). Before the upcoming deadline, all organizations should consider converting as many implied consent records as possible into express consent records to avoid future vulnerabilities. 360 Leads has developed a process that facilitates this transition.

“Many organizations are struggling to understand where to start when getting mailing lists CASL compliant, and we are here to help them” says Tania Morano, Director of Corporate Strategy at 360 Leads. “CASL compliance is a complicated necessity. There are so many small details that become overwhelming – particularly the different types of customer consent, and what type of consent current subscribers have provided. We have created a package that ensures our clients will be seamlessly CASL compliant now and in the future”.

The 360 Leads CASL service will clean your subscription list so that every opt-in consumer qualifies as an express consent record going forward.

How it works:

  • Submit your database to 360 Leads.
  • We’ll create a custom branded e-blast outlining the legislation with a strong CTA to opt-in.
  • We’ll send a follow-up e-blast for non-responders.
  • We’ll capture all re-subscribers.
  • We’ll give you back a clean subscription list.
  • We’ll ensure all future electronic opt-ins enter as express consent records by providing details about how to make opt in/transactional forms express consent compliant

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